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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Proverbial myth 2: “A good beginning makes a good ending”…..

What is missing in this proverb is the definition of “good”. One doesn’t need to have a philosophical head for cracking the differences in “good”. Let me start with a few very commonly known famous events to illustrate. Taliban started for a good cause to end the lawlessness (a “good” beginning ) but the “laws” that were the source of their “good” were the worst ever known in human history so it led to series of tragedies…….. that is still continues….
Lenin begin with a good beginning to liberate the people from tsar’s feudal system but it turned out that the “good” was another prison… so this good beginning had a tragic ending by a lot of tragic left over…….. We can extend this line of thinking to a lot of other political and religious movements…..
But the question is……. is “good” beginning has tragic endings only in social and ideological systems with wrong sources of “good” or is it also true in our personal lives? Of course many tragedies happen to good people. The reason is in blindly believing that good things happen to good people. Of course good things happen to good people, if the good is really good. If a good is not understood well it would be miscarried and that is where good doesn’t come to good people. Saving a snake is good but it is not the guarantee that snake will not bite because it was saved.
Coming to proverb, a good start, of course helps a lot… but if the good beginning is miscarried, one may lose all good that have earned at the beginning and may end not in the way it began. If you look around… you may find some disappointed people with very good and promising beginning and disappointed endings………..
The good part is, “there is no end unless one decides to……..

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