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Monday, September 6, 2010

Magical hugging from Indian movie, "Munna Bhai" got a psychological study recognition. Though it is Freudian concept that experiences of childhood remain the whole life but it is true to a large extent unless you didn't cross a lot of breaking points to kill out your senses. In this study it is found that a woman's touch make one more confident to take risk, especially financial risks. I don't know where to link it? Whether link it to maternal touches at childhood as study is suggesting or to common conception that behind every successful man is the supporting hands of a woman?

There is also a word of caution for men and that is you become more vulnerable in works where there are greater risks. A woman's presence that is close to you make you confident to take risks. It is all depends on your judgments to what extent you want to be exposed to risks. Risks don't mean lossing but most of time they mean gain. You can use this study to your advantage. In areas that you feel less comfortable or less confident, you may use a touch to become more confident. That is a good idea! Hahaha hehehe

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