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Monday, September 6, 2010

Magical hugging from Indian movie, "Munna Bhai" got a psychological study recognition. Though it is Freudian concept that experiences of childhood remain the whole life but it is true to a large extent unless you didn't cross a lot of breaking points to kill out your senses. In this study it is found that a woman's touch make one more confident to take risk, especially financial risks. I don't know where to link it? Whether link it to maternal touches at childhood as study is suggesting or to common conception that behind every successful man is the supporting hands of a woman?

There is also a word of caution for men and that is you become more vulnerable in works where there are greater risks. A woman's presence that is close to you make you confident to take risks. It is all depends on your judgments to what extent you want to be exposed to risks. Risks don't mean lossing but most of time they mean gain. You can use this study to your advantage. In areas that you feel less comfortable or less confident, you may use a touch to become more confident. That is a good idea! Hahaha hehehe

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ace, means perfect and it also used for perfect shot. There is nothing perfect but it is strange that we still use this expression. Why? The reason is simple and that is when we feel good. To me, feeling good is of two types, immediate just like eating something when you feel hungry, drinking water when you are thirsty and sleep when you are tired and ultimate feeling of good that is feeling good after completing your graduation or completing a book. Ultimate feeling of good, remains forever with you. Ultimate feeling of good is the core of logic, truth, morality, beauty and justice. So complete is more related to emotions that to rationality and better to say related to emotional wisdom.

What to believe?

Usually believing is attached to religions or belief systems. Before, we could be able to judge in what to believe or to what believing is attached, it is necessary to clarify that we all do not born with beliefs but we learn through cultural transmissions to what believe and to what not? On other hand we had born with basic tools for reasoning and rationality, our CNS and PNS.

I think believing is attached to emotions than to religions and belief systems.

Let me explain it by an example. Say, you believe in a religion that teaches in equality of all human beings beyond races, cultures, geographical regions and it also teach compassion. When it comes to helping out people in need, rationality says that aid should be given to people most in need than gradually to those in less and lesser in needs. Certainly needs are at different levels. Your 10 dollars donation may be one time meal in an advanced country for one and 2 pair of clothing for another or text books for few children in third world countries.

What is your targeted needy ones. The experience shows people care less about poor and needy people in third world countries than their country men who are much in better shape.

Both beliefs and rationality teaches to go for most needy one first who are most vulnerable. However, our helps go to those who we care. Our kin, our countrymen or those who get spotlight attentions are those who we care. This is out of beliefs and rationality but rather more biological and instinct based.

Our emotions play a key role in what to think and what think not. Unless we do not think we neither get an understanding nor can make a decision making.