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Monday, November 7, 2011

The transcendence of Beauty

Transcendence gets meaning only when one believes that there are levels of experience. In simple words transcendence becomes meaningful when one believes that experience grows and evolves… Let me share a share a story to provide a context for what I am going to explain,

Teenagers have untiring energy and it was the case with us. There were a race for learning skills and a craze for consumption of knowledge. We were trying to learn any trade that were available and read everything accessible. In one such effort I and my uncle enrolled in Technical Training Center. I was learning auto-mechanics in evening shift because I was going to college in mornings while he was learning electronics and wood-works in the morning and evening shifts. In auto-mechanic department, there were a lot of engines for beginners to work on. At the start of course, we were disintegrating these engines fully and then putting them together to have practical concepts in order to help us understand well later on, in the course when taking theory classes. The funny part was, whenever we were putting the engine back, a lot of stuffs were leaving out and we were wondering, “From where these “excess” stuffs came?” The bad part was that we had to disintegrate the engine again to find the right places for those excess objects. At the beginning it was really heartbreaking because we were failing to find a place for all “excess parts”. But as time moved on, we became better and finally became able to put together everything back and we had no more excess parts. Unless you haven’t gone through this process, you can’t fully realize what I am saying. Sometimes after several failed attempts, when we were exhausted without finding the right places for those excess parts, we were damning all those big names that we knew, “Damn to Michael Faraday for discovering laws of electrolysis and making possible ignition system to make the lives of baby mechanics miserable”…..“Damn to Henry Ford, for making large-scale manufacturing of cars possible and to make lives of auto-mechanics difficult to learn a lot and never cease learning”…. After we became successful in disintegrating and putting again easily the engines, we were relaxed and praising those great inventors and looking to them as our ideals as they (Ford and Faraday) didn’t go to college and yet had revolutionized the world….

It is not important what one takes the meaning of spirit as long as one takes it as something having more capacity than bodily experiences. Spiritualists believe that if one is failed in worldly affairs, he can’t succeed in spiritual affairs. If one is failed to understand the body he can’t succeed to understand the spirit. If one is failed in taking care of his body, he can’t succeed in taking care of his spirit. If one’s body is not healthy, you can’t expect that he can have a healthy spirit. If one’s body is not clean you can’t expect a clean spirit is residing in. Unless one has not the taste of worldly success he can’t realize the shallowness of this success to search for more in depth spiritual success. Unless one is not climbed a mountain top he can’t see others mountains beyond.

The taste of success is mandatory for tasting the spiritual experiences. Like our teenage learning of trades, we weren’t able to appreciate the inventors’ ingenuity until we were successful in learning about their inventions. In order to appreciate from depths of heart an inventor, one needs to have an actual knowledge of his inventions. Otherwise they would see “excess objects”….

To me beauty is a spiritual experience. No doubt we all experience beauty but the level of experience is not the same. Beauty transcends so is its experience. Now fit all the constructions in previous paragraphs to experience of beauty. In order to step in spiritual world one needs to taste the success. Success in beauty is to get rid of ugliness. If we remove physical dirt, put things in order to not have “excess objects”, things become beautiful. When we get rid of confusions, hatred and ugly ideas, our thoughts become more beautiful. To me, a higher level of beauty is not something unintentional but we create them with purpose and well thought intentions…. And the transcendence of beauty is not something revealed out of nowhere but by practicing regularly well planned courses…

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