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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can anyone explain the behaviors of Idealist Reptilians?

Based on mainly relying on hind brain, middle brain and fore brain, an informal analogy is used as reptilian man, mammalian man and homo-sapiens man. It is long that I am struggling to understand the behaviors of idealist reptilians. From one side they woo the old generation and  conservative people by making loud noises about human rights, women emancipation, child rights, freedom of expression, democracy and so on. These idealist notions are really impressive and make us dream of better world. Being inspired by the dream of better world, we clinch out fist to show our determination for democracy, beat our chest for emancipation of women, and shout loudly to test our freedom of expression and feel empathetic for suffering of women, children and oppressed men. Seems these new men will create a new world.
On other hand we see, the same men and women escape the pains of having family to provide a safe and supportive environment for coming generation in the name of individualisms. I am wondering that increasing numbers of single mothers are what women emancipation means? Are denying children from love and support of father or mother, what child protection and child rights mean? Are new men systematically killing their emotions and responsibilities to reduce themselves to their reptilian brains? Are the most reasonable and sound people are those, who only rely on their reptilian brain. I am still struggling to understand……….