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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tension therapy

Occasionally I watch Bollywood  movies…”Munna Bhai M.B.B.S”  is one of the rarest movies that I have watched more than once… According to the movie “tension” is a bag full of diseases…..and the main source of tensions are emotions…. So, how should one deal with tension? There are two opposing approaches…. Dr. Asthana a medical doctor is believing in Laughter-therapy as an effective means of always available cure…..while Munnah Bhai a gangster (social worker) is believing that caring about others… and expressing them openly especially by hugging is an effective method of confronting tensions…….It is a comedy movie and the writer of movie while trying to favor Munna Bhai’s method actually utilizing Dr. Asthana’s method by making viewers laugh…….
I liked the movie because it has a very powerful message in very light manner…..Most of us are experts in giving tensions….and worst that we give tension with good intentions…..In 1967, Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe developed their “Holmes and Rahe stress scale” based on their research on records of 5000 people…. The scale lists 43 life changing events that creates stress and causes relative illnesses…. When I look to the list I get surprised that most of the events are linked to social relations….. It is why I joke sometimes…saying that unlike Dr. Asthana we are expert of Tension Therapy… we try to fix the problems by giving tension…….
 Though we all like laughter-therapy via our instincts… (As it increase oxygen intake, release endorphins….perhaps burn some extra calories) but the fact is laughter makes us hungrier…. It just adds more pounds…. There are traditions of big bites while watching comedy on TV shows, in theatres or in circle of friends… is known as comfort eating….. Similarly there is tension eating…when we get stressed we tend to eat a lot and sleep a lot…..
So it is the not the burning extra calories, taking extra oxygen and release of endorphin that are important for health but making others laugh and get pleased brings us close and help us avoid go higher in Holmes and Rahe stress scale….

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